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We are like fingers of our hand. Together we make a formidable fist. All unique and all complement each other. As a sum of parts we do not add up but multiply our energies to deliver to best of our combined abilities.

Founder Chairman

Sachin JKS haritasH

Shri Jai Karan Sharma (November 1, 1955 – October 11, 2020) embodied the intrepid entrepreneurial spirit of a visionary in perpetual motion to change the destiny of the transportation industry for the nation. Acclaimed as the leading entrepreneur of the 20th century and praised for his dynamic, path breaking and innovative genius, Shri Jai Karan Sharma was an inspirational leader. His success sparked the imagination of a generation of progressive Indian entrepreneurs, businesses and business leaders. For many, an icon remains a model to follow.

Shri Jai Karan Sharma's unique vision redefined the potential of technology in the Indian logistics sector and challenged conventional ways of working. The business philosophy he followed was short, simple and straightforward: “Client servicing and commitment”. Quick and decisive decision making was the key hallmark of his leadership style. His decisions were based on his thinking of how things will evolve in future. He wanted Chetak Logistic Ltd to be future prepped.

During his trade mission (What do we mean by trade mission), Shri Jai Karan Sharma set a series of revolutionary precedents. His contributions to the social and economic development of society at large have been numerous and recognized by many national and international organizations. He was awarded Transport Ratna award by AIMTC, Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award, Outstanding National Citizen Award and has received the title of Transport Samrat.

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