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Our Services

We offer full spectrum of logistics and transportation services through our mobile app to ease your day-to-day business worries.
Our digital trucking system matches demand to supply to create value for our partners, shippers, truckers, and drivers. Whether you choose to transport goods or book trucks in india, we will ensure quick availability and seamless experience at transparent pricing.

Normal Service

Most frequently use service
in the industry

  • Speed – Slow (400 km per day running).
  • Freight – Low (lower than Express & Prime).
  • Industry – Major users are all industries.
Express Service

It’s used where there is urgency
of goods due to spike in demand.

  • Speed – Medium (600 km per day running).
  • Freight–
    Average (lower than Prime but higher than Normal).
  • Industry–
    Major users are Auto, Apparel & Tyre companies.
Prime Service

It’s new type of service which is
recently started in industry. It is also
called super-fast service because
it has 2 drives.

  • Speed – Fast (900 km per day running).
  • Freight–
    High (higher than Express & Normal).
  • Industry–
    Major users are E-commerce and courier companies.

We are growing with each passing day


Consisting of our verified and approved supply partners and individual truckers. Our tech oriented, future ready aggregator platform helps us grow with each passing day.


Our paperless conduct of business reduces operational inefficiencies and helps improve performance standards, making your cargo available continuously and consistently from place A to B, on time, every time.


Standards lanes/routes custom made seeing to client’s requirements and their ease of booking shipment. Special Ad-hoc routes as when needed by our clients.

Major Clients